The content of this site was chosen to expound on interests of mine and to provide a potpourri of personal info. But this confession.....candidly: The site is mainly about showing and providing easy access to my creative “stuff.” 

You may already know two key things prompting the site: Writing BOOKS and developing SONGS have become interesting pastimes in the “livening-up” of my everyday world.

For those who would like to preview what’s inside my books, and to hear samples of some of my songs, please click on the easily navigated convenience links included where appropriate.   

Be sure to at least scroll through all pages for a look. I hope you’ll sense my spirit of enjoyment as various tidbits were assembled.
HOXOXOH is a palindrome, a perfect one. Perfect means there exists a sequence of characters in which the arrangement appears exactly the same whether viewed forward, backward, mirrored or upside-down. You’re certain to find the classic symmetry of a perfect palindrome intriguing.

        And hopefully you will find intriguing experiences when exploring this site.
                                                   Thank you for visiting.
                                     Andrew Pickens Collins             
                                                Durham, NC 
                                                            And now . . . .   
          =========== More about HOXOXOH ===========
                           Pronunciation: hoax - ox’ - oh (noun)  
                              Definition: “hugs and kisses, palindrome style” 
                           (For an explanation of HOXOXOH, see FYI below)
         Happy Composer
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